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Your wishes, dreams and ideas will lead us to the perfect private high school for your exchange year. Your sport, your talents, your hobbies and your choice of location are crucial. A loving host family will welcome you with open arms into their home and your new home and accompany you through your “American dream”.

Our hands-on approach and what to expect


Our support on site

At each high school, one of our coordinators is on site as a benevolent confidant and permanent contact person. The coordinators manage the contact between Global Horizons USA, the student, the host family and the school. Their regular personal reports allow parents to see their child’s academic and personal progress in a timely manner. Our students always get the support they need from the GLH Local Coordinator.

How we work

We listen to students because: Personal, Individual, Tailored means for us to consider ideas, interests, academic goals, hobbies, talents and passions in the selection of the program and the school. We always make this decision together with the student and the parents. Here all the wishes of the student are taken into account, taking into account the budget set by the parents.
Through our personal business relationships, our partner schools, i.e. both private high schools and many top boarding schools in the USA, grant us great discounts, which we pass on to our customers one-to-one.

For our students who choose the Public High School Classic or Premium program, our American partners have successfully supported us for many years.

Extracurricular activities

Classes at the high school usually end around 3 pm. However, most students remain at school after class ends and then pursue hobbies with their classmates and friends.

The school facilities in the USA are unique. Especially in the areas of music and art, the facilities are often outstanding. This offers unimagined opportunities for development.

Many schools have specialized. For example, there are fabulous theater and music programs or artistic and scientific projects with specially trained teachers. There are also cutting-edge topics such as new media, robotics, graphic design and much more. Fine arts are also an important aspect. Pottery, painting, design are offered at a very high level. Here, every student can live out his or her creativity.

Sports at the High School

Sports have a special place in extracurricular activities.

The US high school year is usually divided into three seasons with different sports. In the fall, winter and spring, different sports are offered. Then in the summer, there are two months of vacation.

Mostly other sports are offered in the different terms. Often for this purpose tryouts, so-called “tryouts” are organized.

American football, for example, is always played in the fall. Here, the athletes are supported by cheerleading teams, which often also perform at a very high level. In addition, football (soccer, as Americans call it) is often a “fall sport.”

When it gets cold then it goes to the indoor sports. These are classically basketball and volleyball. Volleyball sometimes takes place in the fall, however. Then in the spring, tennis or field field hockey is often offered. Baseball and track and field are also classic “spring sports.”  Golf is also a very popular sport. Many of our New England schools also offer sailing. Other popular sports at our high schools include lacrosse, skiing, swimming and diving, and even surfing.

A large percentage of students at high schools in the U.S. are part of at least one team. The other students then support their classmates and provide the world-famous American school spirit.

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