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At Global Horizons USA, LLC, we specialize in providing highly personalized student exchange programs for international students seeking a comprehensive educational experience. Our services include student exchanges to various countries including the following: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, and Chile. What sets us apart is our meticulous matching process, where we consider each student’s hobbies, interests, academic achievements, and goals. Additionally, we consider the unique preferences of parents to ensure that each exchange program is tailored to meet the individual needs of all parties involved. We offer a comprehensive range of services including the following: school selection, visa application procedures, host family placement, cultural integration (i.e., pre-departure and post-arrival orientations), and ongoing support throughout the entire exchange program.

We come to you

Many roads lead to us

Feel free to contact us via the GH USA website, send us a PM via Facebook or Instagram, give us a call, or send us a quick email. We will get back to you as soon as possible with eagerness to learn more about YOU. As a next step, you will have a personal interview at your home or online. There you can ask all the questions you have, and you will learn everything about the GH USA Program. Next, you will receive the official program application and contract documents. Up to this point it will only cost you your time! You have nothing to lose and the world to gain! Our team will guide you through the entire application process and will be your contact throughout. We are here to serve you, and since most of us have studied abroad and worked abroad, we know exactly how you feel! We are glad to help ease your mind, answer your questions and help guide you to your journey as an exchange student… and SUCCEED!

In your host country…we are there for you!

We are here to make sure that your exchange program is unforgettable and successful. We know how exciting and uncertain it can be to travel to a foreign country. But don’t worry, we are here to support you!

Not only will you be provided with accommodation and a high school placement, but you will also be looked after by your own personal GH USA Local Coordinator. From start to finish, your local coordinator will be there to help you with any concerns you may have. We understand that it is important to have a trustworthy, reliable, and caring local coordinator, and we take joy in knowing that there is someone there waiting to help you.

Our Local Coordinators are not far from where you will live, and they are available for you anytime. School coordinators are also there to assist you during the school day if you have times of uneasiness, culture shock moments or just need to talk. We all want you to succeed!

The Local Coordinators not only take care of you but also of the host families. They are there to make sure that your program goes smoothly and that you have a fantastic experience.

You can count on us because we are here to accompany you on your journey. We want you to feel at ease and be able to embark on the adventure without worry.

We guarantee that you will have an unforgettable time with us!

How can I register?

Would you like to learn more about how Global Horizons USA can help you get closer to your dream of a high school year abroad? Then give us a call, complete the contact form, or send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

What makes us stand out?


We only accept a limited number of students. Therefore we are always there for you. From the first to the last day of your high school time we are by your side.


For us, the individual is important. We deliberately avoid package deals and catalogs. Every student gets HIS/HER school.


Our network of leaders, built up over 45 years, makes it possible for us to find the perfect school for you. With Global Horizons USA, you have a placement guarantee!