High School Canada

Our schools in Canada

If high school, then only with the experts!

We believe that you are unique and that’s why we offer customized, individual and personalized attention from start to finish.

A small selection of our Canada program

Ontario - Niagara Catholic District
NC is located in the beautiful region of Niagara, Ontario with 12 vibrant cities including Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and charming Niagara-on-the-Lake just a short drive from the famous and impressive Niagara Falls, which is right on the US border.

Niagara Catholic offers exceptional education with heart and passion to approximately 25,000 students throughout the region in over 40 elementary schools and 8 high schools.

We were personally there for you to get to know the people and the environment. We were thrilled!

Ontario - Waterloo Catholic School Board
Check out the 1st video at the top of the page.

We were dumbfounded at what great options you have in this school district.
Global Leadership or rather Engineering at a very high level or rather Elite Sports Program?

Our son wanted to stay there even though he is a little too young for that.

New Brunswick School District

When you see the video, you want to get right on the plane, don’t you!?

New Brunswick is arguably the largest school district with over 40 high schools. No matter what you would like to do, whether water sports, skiing, hiking or biking through a beautiful landscape… here no wishes remain open. And the whole thing even at an unbeatable price.

British Columbia - Delta School District

Only about 30 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. 

This region is known for its diversity. A host family here may not look “typically Canadian” because Canada is a country of immigrants. This is also part of the culture of Canada and makes the country just incredibly interesting.
If you want to get to know all facets of this great country, this is the right place.


And what does it cost?

School fees from 14.000,-€, incl. health insurance and costs for the host family.

In addition, there is our placement fee of 1.995,-€ plus VAT, flight, pocket money and possibly private leisure activities, such as rental fees for skis, etc..