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Our Team

Our team with over 50 years of experience

Together with his father, Paul Hallgrimson, who already had more than 50 years of experience in the field of student exchange, Markus Hallgrimson founded Global Horizons USA in 2013.

Markus is a man with an incredible track record – from graduating from an American high school to a successful career as a professional basketball player. His experiences as a high school student, athlete, and college student in the USA have made him what he is today: an authentic, passionate, and inspiring founder.

Markus is a man with heart and soul who has made it his mission to help students have authentic experiences abroad. His passion and dedication for student exchange is contagious and has already inspired many students to make their dreams come true.

Global Horizons USA is proud to announce CSIET certification– the most recognized approval and certification for student exchange in the USA. We are a fully listed F-1 student exchange program and have high expectations for our programming in the coming years.

Come join us and see how we make students’ dreams come true. Markus and his team look forward to accompanying you on your journey!