Three months have passed

Another new week has passed…

This week was pretty good because we had Halloween on Wednesday. I actually thought Halloween would be a real big amazing experience here in the US. Apart from the fact that we all dressed up at school and two kids passed by our house, it wasn’t really a special day. But Halloween still plays a much bigger role here: Everyone decorates their houses and shops and so there’s a really good Halloween atmosphere in the air.

On Saturday we had Ring Dance at my school (Homecoming), and we met at a friend’s house to get ready together. Afterwards we drove to Colonial Wiliamsburg to take pictures and go out for dinner. We had a fun time and later arrived at the dance. We had a great time nd danced for two ours straight, just like everyone else there. The time was over way too fast, and it felt like 10 minutes when the 2 hours were already over.

That was pretty much all that happened. Now I will spend the next 4 days at a friend’s house, because my host mother is in Florida. But I am looking forward to the next weekend, because my hostmom and I will spend 2 days in the Shenandoah National Park and maybe will also do horseback riding there. Anyways, I am already excited…

November 5th, 2018



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