The sixteenth week

The last week was very interesting, because a lot of unplanned things happened. While the school week was quite normal, I spent Saturday with a friend and we went to the movies with our other friends and stayed overnight at one of their houses, because she wanted to celebrate her birthday.

We had a long night, and when we woke up in the morning, we were surprised by snow. Normally it hardly snows here in the south of Virginia, which is why it was really special for everyone. Apparently, because of all the snow in Williamsburg, the whole town didn’t have any power. Also school for the next day was cancelled. It wasn’t the first time that we didn’t have power in our house, but this time nobody was prepared for it. So me and my host mother spent the evening together by candlelight.

The electricity still wasn’t back the next morning and I started to get a bit annoyed by it: our apartment was freezing cold, I wanted to take a shower, I was hungry and had nothing to do, because you literally need power for everything. After 24 hours without power, it finally came back on in the evening.

Because this was not the case at school, I was able to stay at home on Tuesday as well. Since it was my host mother’s birthday, we went out for dinner with her family in the evening. I’m enjoying my last real days of school and I’m really incredibly sad to have only three of them left. At the moment everything is going so well that I could actually stay another six months. But well, soon I will be back…that is also exciting….

December 13th, 2018

Williamsburg im Schnee
Lake in the snow


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