The seventeenth week

So, after two weeks without a new post, I’m back again, because a lot has happened. My last school week is over, and even though this was not a full week (exam week), it was no less exhausting than normal school days.

Exam week means that we had all our final exams in all our subjects. We came to school and every single student of the school wrote an exam in the auditorium for 2 hours. After that we had a ten-minute break, wrote another exam in another subject and then went home to study for the next day.

That was very exhausting, but fortunately not really important for me, since these exams do not count for me as an exchange student. More important for me was that this week was my last week at my high school, and I will probably never come back to Walsingham as a student again, which is really, really sad, because I started liking the school here better than my school back in Germany.

I also had to say goodbye to all my teachers on Wednesday. That doesn’t sound too bad, but since I am really close to my teachers here it was terrible. The relationship between students and teachers in America is really different. I also had to say goodbye to some of my classmates, which was even more sad, because I started realizing that this great time will be over soon. I wish I could stay longer…

December 17th 2018

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