The fourteenth week

Yaaay I’m finally on vacation! This time it is not very long, but at least for a few days I don’t need to go to school because of Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving it is the tradition of many Americans to get up early in the morning and take part in a “Turkey Trot”, a 5-kilometer run. Such runs on Thanksgiving are in many cities, and it was really fun despite the cold outside and getting up early. Later in the day we went with my host mother’s family to Jamestown Island. This is the place where the first settlers from Europe founded a colony. When we arrived there we first ate our Thanksgiving dinner and then walked through the Living Museum. In the museum the colonies of the first settlers were reconstructed, and we visited the reconstructed ships of the settlers. It was really interesting and fascinating to see all this on Thanksgiving.

Friday was Black Friday, and my host mother agreed to go shopping with me and one of my best friends. We drove to a really nice shopping mall in Norfolk early in the morning and surprisingly it wasn’t as packed as we thought it would be. So we had a lot of fun shopping and I spent a lot more money than I should have…

On Sunday the holidays were almost over again, we did some shopping, bought a Christmas tree and decorated it for the rest of the day. It is starting to really feel like Christmas now and I can hardly wait for the Christmas holidays, which fortunately and sadly are not so far away anymore, because then it won’t take long until I will go home again…

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