The eleventh week

Another week has passed….

Actually not much has happened until Friday. On Friday I didn’t had to go to school because my host mother, her brother and I made our way to Washington DC. After a 3 hour drive we finally arrived and walked around the National Mall. Of course I took a lot of funny stupid tourist pictures in front of the Washington Monument.

During the whole day we really saw a lot of sights: we walked past the white house, the Lincoln Memorial, the 2nd World War Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Marthin Luther King Memorial. All in all it was a great day and I enjoyed being in a real city again.

The next morning the weather was so bad that we decided to drive through Washington and stop at the sights. I visited more memorials and stood on the steps of the Supreme Court. After a delicious meal, a visit at the “White House Gift Shop” and a fish market we drove to the beautiful Georgetown (an expensive shopping district of Washington). After some shopping our last stop in the evening was the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, which is beautifully located on the other side of the river from where we had a great view of Washington in the dark.

This weekend was definitely one of the biggest highlights here.

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