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Our schools in the USA

We have a large network of schools and partners in the USA. This network we have built over decades. The Global Horizons USA team is regularly on road trips in the USA. We visit our current schools and students. We also assess potential new schools for our program. As a result we always know what sets each school apart. We know all the headmasters and directors of admission in person and maintain good and frequent contact with them.

We have been doing the road trips for years and the process has proved to be very successful. We also meet many of our exchange students at their schools. Often times we can even have dinner together with host parents and exchange students. This is a very nice occasion  for both sides. In addition, the information from these talks helps us to further optimize our program for our students.

Nansemond-Suffolk Academy


Suffolk, Virginia
private High School

Calvary Day School


Winston-Salem, North Carolina
private High School

Valley Christian Schools


Cerritos, California
private High School

Tidewater Academy


Wakefield, Virginia
private High School

Freedom Christian Academy


Fayetteville, North Carolina
private High School

Grace Academy


Hagerstown, Maryland
private High School

Atlantic Shores Christian School


Virginia Beach, Virginia
private High School

Bulloch Academy


Statesboro, Georgia
private High School

Broadfording Christian Academy


Hagerstown, Maryland
private High School

Flint River Academy


Woodbury, Georgia
private High School

LaGrange Academy


LaGrange, Georgia
private High School

Layton Christian Academy


Layton, Utah
private High School

Grace Christian School


Sanford, North Carolina
private High School

Springwood School


Lanett, Alabama
private High School

Hosanna Christian School


Klamath Falls, Oregon
private High School

Billings Central Catholic


Billings, Montana
private High School

Metro East Lutheran High School


Edwardsville, Illinois
private High School

Knoxville Christian School


Knoxville, Tennessee
private High School

Roncalli High School


Manitowoc, Wisconsin
private High School

Arendell Parrott Academy


Kinston, North Carolina
private High School

Fayettevile Academy

Fayettevile Academy

Fayetteville, North Carolina
private High School

Hampton Roads Academy

Hampton Roads Academy

Newport News, Virginia
private High School

High Point Christian Academy

High Point Christian Academy

High Point, North Carolina
private High School

Northside Christian Academy

Northside Christian Academy

Charlotte, North Carolina
private High School

Pinewood Preparatory School

Pinewood Preparatory School

Summerville, South Carolina
private High School

Shalom Christian Academy

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
private High School

Winston Salem Christian School

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
private High School

Keswick Christian School


St. Petersburg, Florida 
private High School

Santiam Christian School


Corvallis, Oregon
private High School


Our approach and what we offer you

Our on-site support

For each high school we have local coordinators. They personally take care of the exchange student. The natural parents back home receive a monthly report from them. This way they always know how their child is doing and what progress he or she is making. In addition, the Global Horizons team in Europe is always available for you. We know each of our students personally and you are anything but “just a number”.

The local coordinator in the USA is often employed directly at the school and is otherwise located in the immediate vicinity. If a problem occurs, we will take care of it immediately. The coordinator will be there for the student in person. If necessary, particularly intensive support is also guaranteed.  The most important thing for us is that our students feel comfortable.

We offer our students a tailor-made, individual exchange program

We achieve this by selecting schools and host families according to students’ abilities, talents, and hobbies. At our private high schools, we can guarantee that each student is placed in the optimal school.  We also work with many top boarding schools. Furthermore we have public high schools in our program. These are available for a smaller budget. Here, too, we place most students directly. This means that we find the best school and host family ourselves.

We always work with the budget that the parents give us. Within this framework we negotiate special prices for our students. Many of our private schools have a large budget of funding for international students. This allows us to place students in schools that would normally exceed their parents’ budgets by far.

The organization of extracurricular activities

High school classes in the US usually end around three in the afternoon.  But at that point most of the students don’t go home yet. They stay at school and pursue their hobbies. They do this together with their classmates, who consequently become their friends quite quickly.

The school facilities in the USA, especially private and boarding schools,  are unique. One can only dream of such conditions in these parts. Especially in the fields of music and art, the facilities are often excellent. This offers undreamt-of possibilities for development.

Many schools have specialized in certain areas. In this area they then have top facilities and teachers. There are fabulous theatre and music programs with specially trained teachers. Some schools have great school orchestras. Visual arts are also an important aspect. Pottery, painting and design for example are frequently offered at a very high level.

Sports at high school

Sports hold a special place in extracurricular activities.

The US High School year is usually divided into three seasons with different sports. In autumn, winter and spring different sports are offered. In the summer students get to enjoy their holidays for two months.

Usually other kinds of sport are offered in the different seasons. It varies from state to state which sport is offered when. Hence it is possible to practice different sports in one academic year. For this purpose, trial trainings, so-called “tryouts”, are often held. At these tryouts an exchange student can test whether he or she likes a sport and is talented at it.

American football, for example, is always played in autumn. The athletes are supported by cheerleading teams, which often operate at a very high level. In addition, football (soccer, as the American calls it) is often a “fall sport”.

In wintertime, the indoor sports start. These are traditionally basketball and volleyball. In spring tennis or field hockey is often offered. Baseball and track and field are also classic “spring sports”.  Golf is a very popular sport, too. Many of our schools in New England also offer sailing. Other popular sports at our high schools are lacrosse, skiing, swimming and diving and even surfing.

Most high school students in the USA are part of at least one team. The other students support their classmates and create the world-famous American School Spirit.

Our prices

Private High School


Flight: additional
Insurance: additional
School fees: additional

Accommodation: Host Family
Min. stay: 3 months
Max. stay: 4 school years
Age: 14-18 years old
Placement: mainly east coast, west coast and Hawaii

£300 discount for signing up before 31st of January 2020

Public High School


Flight: additional
Insurance: inclusive
School fees: not applicable

Accommodation: Host Family
Min. stay: 5 months / 1 semester
Max. stay: 1 school year
Age: 15-17 years old
Placement: in all 50 states

All £ prices are only valid for the United Kingdom. If you come from a country outside the UK or Germany, please contact us.

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